7 Things To Know About Digital Banking with Loft

Convenience and accessibility are top priorities when it comes to banking and financial services. But you may be thinking personalized service and high-tech capabilities can't go hand-in-hand. At Loft, we want to change that perception.

Loft clients deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to convenience. That’s why we’re constantly updating our digital banking solutions—to make sure you get the ease of use you expect. In case you weren’t aware, here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy when it comes to digital banking with Loft.

  1. Access Your Accounts Anytime, Anywhere
    Our intuitive mobile and online banking tools allow you to manage your accounts, view balances, transfer funds, and more—all from the comfort of your home or on the go. Check your accounts at a glance or make time-sensitive transfers in just a few taps. With round-the-clock account access, you’re always in control.
  2. Stay Connected with Your Dedicated Team
    Even as we expand our digital offerings, our service at Loft remains highly personal. Message your banking team through our secure chat option, schedule appointments, and collaborate seamlessly. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with us.
  3. Bank Seamlessly Across Devices
    Whether you prefer banking via desktop, phone, or tablet, our platform provides a seamless user experience across all devices. Manage your finances across multiple interfaces with ease thanks to streamlined features and functionality.
  4. Protect Yourself Against Fraud
    At Loft Advisors, our mobile banking uses sophisticated security solutions to keep your information safe. While many think paper statements are “safer,” that is rarely the case due to statements being cut monthly and the ever present risk of items being taken from unsecured physical mailboxes.

    Digital banking allows you to keep an eye on your accounts in real time to help catch fraud attempts earlier. Our top priority is working hard to help protect your financial assets from threats while maintaining convenience.
  5. Simplify Your Money Movement
    Digitally send and receive funds faster than ever with options like person-to-person transfers, bill payments, and more through our digital banking platform. Move money seamlessly—where and when you need it.
  6. Stay Informed with Personalized Alerts
    Through Loft mobile banking, you can set up personalized alerts so you’re always aware of what’s happening with your accounts. Low balance alerts, notifications that checks have cleared, transaction alerts, and more—all so you don’t miss a thing.
  7. Get Notifications for Special Event Opportunities
    From time to time, Loft is able to offer clients an opportunity for short notice tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other special events. We give these tickets away through the Loft app, which is one more reason to begin using the app today.

If you aren’t already digitally banking with Loft, contact us or check out our app info page on our website to learn more about the advantages and value we can provide. Combine total convenience with total confidence and get the most out of digital banking with Loft.

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