Loft Advisors’ overall approach is to provide individuals and families with expert advice and exceptional service in estate and trust administration. Our skilled investment, estate and trust professionals will work closely with you, and your other professional advisors, to create effective strategies for building, preserving and sharing your wealth.

Benefits of a Trust

The establishment of a trust or estate plan is beneficial for anyone who owns property such as a home, car, bank accounts, investments, business interests, retirement plan, collectibles, etc. The implementation of such plans can help you:

  • Manage and administer your assets in the event you become incapacitated and can no longer handle financial responsibilities for yourself. A trust can also outline and provide care for you and/or your spouse should either of you become incapacitated and also helps ease the transition when the loss of a loved one occurs.
  • Address concerns of confidentiality. Establishing and funding a trust as part of your estate plan allows the assets in the trust to avoid probate.
  • Complete your taxes. Loft Advisors can provide tax-efficient cash flow through contributions and distributions and expedite tax-efficient transfers of wealth to heirs and provide privacy by avoiding probate.

Trust Administration

You may choose Loft Advisors to be named in your lifetime trust agreement as corporate trustee or in your will as executor. We provide impartiality in decisions that are frequently emotional. We provide continuity and stability in situations where involved individuals cannot. Your Loft Advisor team is dedicated to protecting your assets and fulfilling your intentions. Everyone’s situation is unique. Working with the professionals at Loft Advisors can bring you clarity to your financial complexity.

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