Bear Markets Come and Go

The longest bull market in history lasted almost 11 years before coronavirus fears and the realities of a seriously disrupted U.S. economy brought it to an end. If you are losing sleep over volatility driven by a cascade of disheartening news, it may help to remember that the stock market is historically cyclical. There have been 10 bear markets (prior to this one) since 1950, and the market has recovered eventually every time.

The Importance of Estate Planning

The world lost a sports legend last month when Kobe Bryant, along with 8 others, including his daughter, died in a tragic helicopter crash in southern California. When there is a universally mourned loss such as this, we are reminded that tomorrow is not a guarantee. We are also reminded of the importance of estate planning, and the certainty an estate plan can bring to those you love. If you do not already have a plan in place, we have laid out some concepts and strategies to help start the process. As always, your Loft Advisor is here to assist when you are ready to put a plan in action.

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